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Diversified Services, Constant Quality

Akash Constructions, a reputed construction company in Northern India, is engaged in civil, Structural and other allied services with associated equipment And specialist contracting support. We are committed to try to have the best safety record and to keep on upgrading it each year.

It is a discipline which must be upper most is our minds when doing our day to day business and cannot be delegated absolved or ignored. Site, work and operations management at all levels have a particular important role in maintaining standards in view of the hazardous working environments under their control.

Akash Constructions, regards proper management of safety as an integral part of its business activities and require the company to:

  • Produce and implement a detailed policy which will ensure that safety matters are given proper consideration.
  • Take all reasonably practical measures to ensure the safety and welfare at work of all employees and others who may be effected by our activities, and to comply with all statutory requirements and code of practices.
  • Take responsible care for their own safety and that of other who may be affected by their acts of ommisios.
  • Cooperate with management and any other personal to enable the company fulfil its legal obligations.
  • Not to interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare.

The factories Act, 1918 and any other act applicable to construction industries any regulations covered by these acts, and any other work/site safety rules must be compiled with at all times and all employees must contribute to making the company work areas as safe as possible.

The company will provide the necessary resources to ensure the implementation of the safety policy and will give full backing to all these coordinated to achieving the policy objectives.

Training : The company will provide health and safety training to their personal

in order to :

  • Meet the company's statutory obligation.
  • Prevent injury, ill-health and dangerous occurrences.
  • Ensure all tasks are undertaken by competen people.

The company ensure that all reasonable and practical measures are taken to look after the safety and welfare of all its employees, the general public and any other person who may be adversely affected by the Company's constructions activities.

It is duty of all employees to make themselves familiar with and abide by the Company's policy, to accept and/carry out their responsibilities under the policy and to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that all work is carried out in safe manner.

All employees have responsibilities under the policy and must ensure that all legal and statuary requirements are adhered to at all times. The company carries out many operations where safety must be prime consideration and where the full satisfaction of legal requirements may not necessarily be sufficient. Accordingly, those who authorize work to be carried out at any time must ensure that all aspects of safety are taken fully into account when fully formulating their instructions. While the company accepts its prime responsibility for ensuring the safety & welfare of its employees, it is expected that all employees their responsibilities where they are required to.